General Queries

How far is MG Road Gangtok from the Hotel?
Do all the rooms have mountain views?
Do you provide accommodation for solo women travelers?
How many people can a Deluxe Room accommodate?
How many people can a Standard Room accommodate?
How many people can a Suite Room accommodate?
How many people can a Studio Room with Mountain View accommodate?
How many people can a Family Room accommodate?
Do you serve alcohol?
The tariff and rates offered on online travel portals are lesser compared to the rates provided on the website. Why is there a difference?
What are CP / MAP and EP?
What is the cost of the buffet?
Do you offer corporate discounts?
Do you have separate rates for groups?
How do I book my stay with Muscatel Hotels & Resorts?
Can you make an itinerary for guests?
What is your cancellation policy?
Where can I get a copy of my invoice?
Is parking available at the hotel?
What are the front desk/reception opening hours?
Is WiFi available in the hotel/in the rooms?
Do you offer non-smoking rooms?
Do you have wheelchair access in all the hotels?
Do you have tea & coffee makers in the room?
Do you charge for a room heater?
What do you provide in a honeymoon package?
Do you have a swimming pool in any of your hotels?

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